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 RD1 BIOS Savior

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RD1 BIOS Savior!
Patent No. 130648, 177592

  You can have four models to cover almost all Mobos.
  Your PC becomes a Multi BIOS PC immediately!
  No more anxiety for BIOS updating BIOS PC!
  A Very popular product in Japan with over 80K sets sold.
  You will definitely regret without RD1 BIOS Savior

RD2 PC Geiger

  PCI Bus performance monitoring kit without requiring host CPU and software.
  Four display modes:
      PCI bus Frequency, Utilization, Transfer Speed, and Port 80H
  Propmtly show the system's status once the power is turned on even without waiting for the BIOS to start up.

  A must to perform fine tuning for enthusiastic over-clockers

  RD3 Gladiator
Patent No. 3083715

  With the unique design and special materials, RD3 can stabilize the data transmission and pc performance


RD3XP Gladiator

  The round cable with an aluminum shielding for 
      stronger noise protection
  The round cable with eXtra Performance and 
      eXtra noise Protection




Server Module

  Simply install into your existing server. Make your server more reliable and more efficient

Server Array

  Hot Swappable
  Easy to Add/Replace module

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