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Pre-installation Instruction

Please note that there is "directional" in the installation of RD1. If you installed RD1 at a wrong direction, not only will RD1 be damage but will also damage the ROM on the motherboard, even to the extent of damaging the motherboard. Damages done due to wrong installation direction or method is not within the scope of repair and warranty.

1. Locate BIOS ROM on the motherboard


BIOS ROM is about 15mmx42mm in rectangular shape with 32 pins black IC. Also, in most condition, there is a BIOS licensee’s sticker on the BIOS ROM. Cannot use RD1 product if the ROM was not installed in the socket but was soldered directly on the motherboard. drawing.

There is a half-moon shape dent at the direction end of BIOS ROM as shown in the drawing.

2. Remove the ROM

As shown in the drawing, use an ROM extractor to clamp both sides of the ROM, then pull the ROM upward vertically.

This should be done very carefully to avoid bending the pins of ROM. If the pin of ROM was carelessly bent, use a pincher and bend it lightly back to its original vertical shape.


After taking out the ROM you can see that there a half-moon dent at the exposed side of ROM socket that is the same as the half-moon dent of ROM indicating the direction.

3. Installation of RD1
There is a half-moon symbol on RD1 representing the direction of "key". (Try to locate the position of C2 on the baseboard, there is a half-moon symbol beside C2. Or use the asterisk symbol on the sticker on RD1 as the direction of key.) Install the key of RD1 at the same direction as the key of socket on the motherboard. Pay attention to both sides of 16 pins and make sure that all the pins are inserted in the socket.


4. Connect Switch Cable

Connect switch cable with J3 on RD1. No need to consider the direction when connecting this cable.。


5. Installation of Original ROM

Install (insert) the ROM that was taken out in Step 2 back on RD1. Pay attention to the half-moon mark on the ROM. Make sure that it is at the same direction (same side) as the half-moon mark on RD1. If you cannot locate the half-moon mark on RD1, locate C2. The half-moon mark is beside C2. Make sure that the 16 pins at both side of ROM should be totally inserted in the 16 pins at both side of RD1.


6. Use a metal bracket to fix the metal plate with switch
There is a metal selection switch plate at one end of switch cable. Screw the metal plate on the bracket then screw the bracket on the computer housing or fix it directly on the hole of any blank D-Sub9 connector.


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