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Pre-installation Instruction

Please note that there is “directional” in the installation of RD1. If you installed RD1 at a wrong direction, not only will RD1 be damage but will also damage the ROM on the motherboard, even to the extent of damaging the motherboard. Damages done due to wrong installation direction or method is not within the scope of repair and warranty.

1. Locate BIOS ROM on the Motherboard

BIOS ROM is about 12mmx15mm installed inside the socket of about 18mmX20mm. Also, in most condition, there is a BIOS licensee’s sticker on the BIOS ROM. Cannot use RD1 product if the ROM was not installed in the socket but was soldered directly on the motherboard.

BIOS ROM has its direction. As shown in the drawing, one corner was cut into a plane corner that is known as "key". This plane corner represents its direction.
2. Remove ROM
Use the accessory ROM extractor and refer to Method (1) to hold one corner of ROM and its opposite (diagonal) corner but should be at the corner of “key”. The claws of extractor should not be deep into the ROM as much as possible, then hold down (2) and remove the ROM from the socket vertically upward.

3. Installation of RD1
Insert the connector at the back of RD1 (the side without yellow sticker) into the empty socket where the ROM was taken out in Step 2. It is very important to grab the proper direction. Both the connector and socket have directional (key), the key of connector should be aligned to the key of socket and both should set at the same corner.
After aligning the directions, insert the connector into the socket at even pressure until it reaches the bottom.
4. Installation of Original ROM
Insert the ROM back into RD1. It is still necessary to make sure that the key of ROM should at the same corner as the key of RD1 (there is a asterisk sticker on the key of RD1, or use the extending yellow cable on RD1 as they direction of key).
5. Connect Switch Cable
Plug the yellow cable extending on RD1 into the black end of switch cable. There is no direction in plugging in.
6.Fix the attached metal plate of selection switch
At one side of switch cable is the metal plate of selection switch. Screw the metal plate on the bracket, then fix the bracket on the computer housing or fix it directly on any empty D-Sub9 connector hole.

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