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Super Shielded Round Cable

IOSS features VICS Technology's RD3XP     Gladiator   super shielded round cable, the advanced version. As VICS aims to achieve an ultimate pc performance for the users, this product was developed. RD3XP is characterised by a special features to strengthen the noise defending function contributing a more progressive effect.

A. Shielding Material from Copper to Aluminum 
Aluminum can defend the noise from the band frequency of HDD data transfer and have an  excellent shielding performance. This report is based from  http//

In this conclusion, we use aluminum for noise shielding, in replace of copper materials, and covered it with mira to maintain its glittering silver color. 

B. Each layer is placed with an Aluminum Shield
RD3XP is made from ATA 100/133 High impedance flat cable cut into 8 layers of 10 cable wires, with a ground wire and signal wire alternatively, and folded in zigzag-piled so that each signal wire is surrounded by 4 ground wires. 

The problem usually with flat cable is the inability to avoid crosstalk, which is the interference between two cables causing undesirable signals induced from one cable to another, which may lead to possible bit errors that delays data transmission process. Most cable makers ignore this matter, not realizing the serious effect it caused, but with the RD3XP design, folded 8 layers with 10 wires and placing an aluminum shield for each layer could definitely refrain your cable from crosstalk dilemma.

c C. Super Anti-Noise Device
The figure on the right shows the test result of the RD3XP tested by Taiwan Electronics Testing Center (ETC), a semi-government testing laboratory. The test method is done by comparing RD3XP with a regular ATA-100/133 flat cable and tested both by using a testing device that generates noise and inserted into the connector then they measure the noise radiation frequency of the cable. The result shows that RD3XP is, at least, 10dB lower than the general ATA 100/133 flat cable. The lower frequency level it perform, the lesser noise it radiated.

Sound Quality Effect
With the special design of RD3XP, it serves as an anti-noise device for it blocks the noise from coming out and furthermore protecting other devices from being affected thus bringing out the original audible sound to your pc.

D. Flexibility
RD3XP is made more flexible and comfortable to use. It maintains an even more complex configuration. Easy to plug and unplug without causing extra tension to the cable. 

E. Using Mira and Conductive Fabric Tape
Copper shielding material could easily rip out caused by the tension of bending the cable and also the adhesive of the copper is not strong enough to stick to the cable, thus detaching it easily from cable. Replacing copper to aluminum with mira covering strengthens the shielding function and achieve progressive performance and by using an electrical fabric tape can secure extra protection.

F. External Black Metal Mesh Covering
The inner grounding metal mesh shield is noticeable through the braid gap of the nylon covering giving a more presentable outlook to the cable.

Our system side connector use red color but does not indicate a technical defined spec but most motherboard the supports ATA 100/133 use red connector. (We still use black for the master connector and gray for the slave connector) 


G. New Packaging Style
Paper box with window allows a visible view of the inner content completely. Switching plastic packaging to paper box expresses an awareness of environmental protection.

RD3 (Including RD3XP) possess certain characteristics that cannot be found in other cable.
Furnish with High Impedance Cable
High Impedance is made from a Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) insulation material. Ordinary cables are coated with PVC materials that are incapable of avoiding crosstalk and reflection problem. Thermoplastic Elastomer material could be identified by its yellow color, PVC in gray color and TPO, a medium performance of TPE & PVC, in white color. The recent cable banded in black color is also made from PVC material. The price of TPE cable itself is twice as much as PVC.

Design to Improve Airflow
The thinnest section is only 9*8mm compared to the existing ATA 100/133 round cable has been reduced for at least 30% (Researched by VICS Technology). Used boots for connector parts for smoother airflow.

    eXtra Performance and eXtra noise Protection
    Aiming to achieve an even more progressive performance and protection solution. 

Product Model

RD3XP-A52K Support ATA 100/133 round cable 50+20cm Black Color
RD3XP-A32K Support ATA 100/133 round cable 30+20cm Black Color
Support ATA 100/133 round cable 50cm Single drive use only.  Maximize air flow in the case. Black Color
Support ATA 100/133 round cable 30cm Single drive use only. Suitable for compact system. Black Color
Support ATA 100/133 round cable 20cm Single drive use only.  Suitable for very compact system. Black Color
RD3XP-F5K   Support Floppy round cable 50cm A: Drive Black Color

Note:  Regarding length, VICS treat actual wire material length as spec. length.
This means it will be 30-40mm shorter then you measure the cable length between connector to connector.
So, RD3XP-A52K, for example, motherboard side connector inside edge to master drive connector inside edge length would be 66-67cm with our tolerance.

New Product  High Performance Audio Cable for CD-ROM drive
Well shielded.  No frame ground wire.

RD3XP-CD8K Support CD-ROM - Sound card cable 80cm  Black Color
RD3XP-CD5K Support CD-ROM - Sound card cable 50cm Black Color

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