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【ServerArray Specification】

Model SAX52-n-mmh SAX54-n-mmh SAX52-n-mmh SAX54-n-mmh
  (n for number of module: 1-8, mm for main memory: 64, 12[8]MB, h for HDD capacity :n[none],2,3,4GB)    
  Per module System total Min./Max.
CPU Pentium233MMX 1unit/8units
Memory EDO 64MB(Max. 128MB) EDO 128MB(Max. 128MB) 64MB/1024MB 128MB/1024MB
Cache 256KB 512KB 256KB/2048KB 512KB/4096KB
Ethernet 10Base-T 10Base-T/100Base-TX auto switching 1port/8ports+10Base-T 8ports
Serial RS-232C 16C550 4port 4port/32ports
Video C&T 65550 1MB C&T 65554 2MB 1set/8sets
Keyboard, Mouse PS/2 interface 1set/8sets
FDD 1.44MB 3.5" 1unit/8units
IDE Interface 1 channel 2 channel 1ch./8ch. 2ch./16ch.
HDD 2.5" 12.7mm height IDE HDD 1set/8sets (2GB/64GB)
Power Supply 400Wx2 Redundant AC90-240V 50/60Hz) 1unit/1unit
UPS Interface AC Fail, Batt. Low signal distributing to 8 modules 1unit/1unit
Module Cooling Fan CPU cooler with heat sink(50x50x9mm ball baring) x1, Unit cooler(40x40x10mm ball baring) x1 1set/8sets
System Cooling Fan System Fan 80mm x2, Power supply Fan 80mm X2 1set/1set
Warning system Watch dog timer, Under/Over temperature warning, System Fan failure warning 1set/1set
Front I/O access Keyboard, Mouse, VGA, Ethernet, COM1, FDD, KeySW, Reset SW 1set/8sets
Rear I/O access Keyboard, Mouse, VGA, Ethernet, COM1-4, FDD, IDE, Watchdog warning 8sets/8sets
Hot Swap signals Keyboard, Mouse, VGA, Ethernet, COM1-4, FDD, Watchdog warning 8sets/8sets
Module security Combined key lock and switch for security and power on and off feature for each module 1set/8sets
Size 422x177x580(WxHxDmm)    
Weight   20Kg/28Kg


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